Construction elements

Brick stone

We offer brick stones with the following dimensions:

  • 20cm x 20cm x 40cm
  • 10cm x 20cm x 40cm

Brick stone_1.jpg Brick stone_20x20x40.jpg Brick stone7.jpg


Per individual order and in different colours. Texture type: ground, flamed, polished. Sills are available with the following finishing profiles:

1/4 roll mould , 1/2 roll mould, with two radii, arched, nose, straight

sills 5.jpg sills 6.jpg sills 7.jpg r45.jpg

Floor slabs and floor mosaic

We offer high quality, flame-cut and bush-hammered floor slabs in any size and per individual order of our customers.

PICT0032.jpg PICT0028.jpg PICT0026.jpg posadzka-4.jpg posadzka-granitowa.jpg

Steps and facades

We supply per individual order steps and facade elements in different colours and textures.
Texture types: ground, flamed, polished.

steps steps facades

Garden accessories

We offer garden benches and tables, fountains, flower stands and flower beds, columns, balls, etc.
All projects are made per individual order, in any colour and size.

grill ogrodowy.jpg garden-table.jpg

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