Decor elements

Natural stone is one of the oldest construction materials. Its excellent functional and aesthetic properties have fascinated people for ages. Some architects say that there are two 'eternal’ materials: stone and wood.

Durability, resistance to the elements and excellent aesthetic properties are the advantages that nowadays make natural stone products some of the best priced decoration and finishing materials.

Floors, steps, sills, kitchen table tops, fireplaces, bathroom finishing elements, terraces, pedestals, pillars, small garden architecture elements – all this can be made from naturals tone –
granite and marble.

Below are presented exemplary products made from those quality materials.

Fireplace enclosures

We make them per individual order and in various colours.

kominek.jpg kominek5.jpg kominek7.jpg kominek8.jpg

Kitchen and bathroom table tops

We make them per individual order and in various colours.

IMG_0268.jpg badrum-2006-(24).jpg blat 1.jpg blat3.jpg blat4.jpg


We manufacture interior and exterior floor slabs. We offer floors in various colours and with the following textures: polished, sanded, bush-hammered and flamed.

posadzka.jpg posadzka2.jpg

Stonework accessories

We sell turned granite elements, such as:

  • garden bowls,
  • balls,
  • vases,
  • vase columns and balustrades,
  • lanterns

galanteria1.jpg galanteria2.jpg galanteria3.jpg galanteria4.jpg galanteria5.jpg galanteria7.jpg

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