Gravestones and monuments

PAKAL Stoneworks specialises in the manufacture of single and double granite gravestones, and sepulchres, particularly with profiled inscribed walls.

Below are presented exemplary designs and gravestones made by us.

nagrobek-pojedynczy-5.jpg nagrobek-pojedynczy-6.jpg nagrobek-pojedynczy-3.jpg nagrobek-pojedynczy-10.jpgnagrobek-pojedynczy-11.jpg nagrobek-pojedynczy-2.jpg nagrobek-pojedynczy-7.jpg nagrobek-pojedynczy-4.jpg nagrobek-pojedynczy-1.jpg nagrobek-podwojny-1.jpg nagrobek-podwojny-1.jpg nagrobek-podwojny-1.jpg

Our products are characterised by a high quality of manufacture and careful selection of the appropriate stone quality.

  • Single gravestones – sizes: 100×200, 120×240
  • Double gravestones – sizes: 150×200, 250×150

Granite colour gallery

Granit Strzegom Labrador niebieski Labrador czarny Kurugrei Kaszmir White Kaszmir Gold Imperial Impala Baltic Green Baltic Brown Balmoral Tolkovski Vanga Szwed Shivakashi Bohus Red Bohus Light

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